Crossdresser Shit

5-star-hotel Bathroom Naughyness

Shitting and cuming on top of this luxury toilet #scatallovermycunt

Triple Pee

We have again a living toy, so we first spit vigorously in his mouth. Only for first – because after that the loser must drink our pee. Next to me also my girls Miss Cherie and Miss Jane have to pee, and of course we will not go to the toilet – the slave will kindly swallow all.

Had Female Neighbor And Male Neighbor To Serv As A Living-toilet!

Just wanted to take a shower and was naked when it suddenly rang at my door. I opened the door and my neighbor was standing in front of me and told me that the workmen in the house his and his toilet had stopped and so he asked me if he could use my toilet! No problem, I said, let him in. before I knew it was my head on the toilet bowl and my neighbor pissed me in my mouth. While the neighbor bottled me with his yellow and very spicy piss, suddenly my female neighbor stood in the doorway and she had also to pee because even at her toilet is repaired. So pissed me my female neighbor still a huge load, women piss in my mouth,too! This is called real Neighbourhood help!

Four Thick Sausages Veeery Close

I leave for you four hard sausages fall into the bowl. What a waste that I have to wash away. That could be four hot sausages for you 😉