Cuban Shitting

Queen Sylvy Makes A Mess!!

Queen Sylvy was eating a cheese Pizza yesterday. All that dairy set off her lactose intolerance!! She rushed to the bathroom to unleash a watery, runny dump!! What a friggin mess!! lol it was like she was peeing in her ass! When she looked back she had splattered all over the toilet bowl and her seat when one gurgling gassy shart burst shot out!! Luckily she has the bidet attachment to clean both the toilet and her dirty runny booty!! This is the messiest load yet in this RUNNY month from Queen Sylvy!! You Bubblegut lovers should be lining up right now as Sylvy has been on the RUN all month!!

Student Gushes On Teacher As She Cums!

She is aware that her grades are slipping so she talks to her science prof for a way to make extra credit on his subject. He agrees, on one condition: she has to sit on his face and let him eat her cunt! Knowing she really has no choice, she lifts her skirt and sits on teacher’s face, rubbing her pussy on his nose. After inhaling her secret scent, he makes her take off her panties so he can eat her cunt. This he does until she manages to pee all over his face, showering him with glorious golden urine.

Eat And Be Grateful

Today I prepared some new toys for my slave! First he is bound to thecross and gets the ball pillory with spikes in it, then he is allowed tofeel my nice nipple clamps with heavy weights.Then I treat his cock and balls with hard beats and candle wax.After a while his whimmering is boring to me, so I prepare a nice mealfor him. He has to eat my shit out of a dog bowl. After he startsvomiting, I take a cone and put it in his mouth to feed him further withscat and pee.So eat and be grateful!