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Zelda’s New Year’s Splacks!!

Guess who’s back in 2018!!!! My Girl Zelda is back in the new year with two Hawt new clips!!! Looks like she had a little stomach trouble on a cold winter day. In the first scene, enjoy as she unleases a big soft pile in the the toilet. In the second clip she begins dropping some solids. Then she gets up to wipe, and all the sudden feels the urge to shit and pee a bit more!! She sits back down and get it all out. I swear the loads that come out this sexy petite women still amaze me!! The FInal load was one of those heavy reverse kanga dumps that just won’t flush away!! lol Enjoy nice up close asswiping and her showing you her FUNKY toilet Paper as well!! It might be cold outside, but Zelda is still making it Hot inside on the bowl!!


Hot Martina is panty shitting double shit!


Sexy blonde is hot running shit in sexy panties and ordering you to clean her shitted feet, hands and ass!

Diarrhea And Vomiting

Today a lot of diarrhea…