Cum Fart Complation

Two Shit Eaters Before A Date

I am going on a date with a real man, and I need to shit before I go. So I have two toilets on the floor, which get no other pleasure from my ass, but whatever comes out of it! I for sure know these toilets would like some pleasure from my ass, but they are to pathetic! I need a real man, not a loser toilet!One of them have never tasted shit before, but I really don’t care! He is eating my shit if I tell him to do so! I pee a lot for them both before I start to fill the first slaves mouth with my shit. He has to eat what I serve! It will be his only meal today. The other slave gets a little mouthful as well, before I order them both to clean my ass. It better be clean or they will be in big trouble!(Other cam version will come in: Scat and Piss Femdom in short time)

Ms Jenkins Smokin’, Gruntin’, Ploppin’ And Strainin’!!!

Ms Jenkins is by far one of my most popular Models! After a jail stint, she has been back blowing it up for Ladies Keeping it Funky!! She Is all killer no filter as she gets straight to the action!! Lots of Great Grunting, Plopping and straining! In the Finale enjoy as she smokes a cigarrette to help ease out some massive plops!

Shit For Kink

Kink takes a quick poo and then queefs for good measure