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Shitting On Girlfriend Mouth – Part 2

A nice couple join us and share with us their kinky and bizarre fetish : He shit in his girlfriend mouth and humiliate the girl, telling her to chew his shit, swallow or put it on her breasts, face, mouth, body. At the end, he cumm on her shitty mouth !! Very kinky couple.

Girls Into Shitgames

Two lesbian Coffee shop waitress trying to play with each others shit!

Wellness Scat P3

Now Lady Marie must pee, she bends down to about the slaves mouth and lets it run. The piss is flowing into the throat of the toilet slave who swallows everything. Then Mistress Michelle has also pee. She makes it in the same way as Lady Marie and pees the slaves directly into his mouth. Suddenly Mistress Michelle has shit again. Well then just shit in his mouth, hahaha. Now chew and swallow all the shit toilet slave. Well, then he get with the cane on his ass, hahaha…Here you get the Femdom Parts: