Cum Farting Gone Wrong

Madame Du B’s Killer Sludge Iphone

Scat goddess Madame Du B drops off her killer chocolate sludge out of that beautiful booty of hers in 3 clips of pure heaven. Be sure to see, tribute and follow the bootyful on Twitter; @Ms_Du_B you will not be disappointed. You will see more from this goddess

Interview With Denise Part 3

Girls Uses Man

Took A Long Thick Load

Mmm I’m lifted on my sink and want to show u every inch of my ass hole and how it expands when shit comes out but first I begin to pee everywhere I pee in every direction showing my pink ebony pussy this golden shower will have you drenched I then desperately being to shit I lift up and push and a long stinky slimy turd comes out opening my ass home to the max, creamy and different colors it slides down my sink it’s so fucking long and stinky that would glide down your throat ! I shit so much creamy long turds in my sink I even turn to my side and show my nasty ass and what I created with piss and shit in my sink I pick up the fattest turd I lick it and put it all in my mouth ,I suck on this nasty shit like a nasty bitch ! It’s so stinky and nasty ugh but I keep doing it when I’m done I begin to scoop all my shit out the sink and drop it in the toilet it’s a lot of shit and pee so nasty that it will make u come nasty fuck !


The video contains only sounds. No music.Sweet pantypooping in my performance. Especially for fans of brown aesthetics!)