Cum Preggo Piss

Mistress Gaia – Training A Slave To Lick My Shit From My Dirty Shoes

Mistress Gaia is training a new toilet slave and the good is that he really hate shit. So for him the ordeal is almost unbearable. Merciless and cruel Gaia orders him to lick her dirty shoe soles clean and when the slave thoughts he has finished, she empties her bowel and her bladder in two dog bowls, and steps on the piss and then on the shit, ordering the scared slave to clean her shoe from the stinking brownie. The slave does his best but it is never enough for the Mistress that want him to drink all the piss in the bowl. Mistress Gaia is confident that this slave will soon become her new toilet slave, but the training will be hard and long.

Shit And Shower Fatyma And Silvia Part 3

Girls Uses Man

Your Mouth Is A Toilet For Me – Hd Version

So, my toilet slut is lying on the floor and kisses my feet, licks my shoes after the walk. Today you’ll have to lick my ass while I do not want to use the toilet. Lick softer, only lick, without touch, working with your tongue. Open your mouth and swallow my creamy shit. Lick my shitty ass faster. I know you like it..