Cum Swallow And Vomit

Stinky Shit

My slave is hungry that why I decided to feed him. He want to licks my asshole, but I don’t care about it. I said him that he will be able to lick my asshole only to clear my shitty ass with his tongue. I relieved directly in his toilet hole and my shit comes down in his mouth. I order him to lick my asshole despite the shit that is coming out of my beautiful shithole.

Shitting In My Shorts

Erica is desperate and has to shit and can’t hold it anymore! She ends up having to go in her shorts; to avoid a mess on the floor! She’s been constipated for days and this was not an easy shit.

Fishnet Mistress Boot Worship And Scat Delivery!

As said, each mistress has their own unique personality and style. This mistress is no different and looks amazing in her fishnet stockings and long leather boots. Her slave is ordered to lick her asshole which he does while the mistresses smothers him and uses her ass as a tool to control the amount of air he is able to breath in. Following this, she squats over his open mouth and pushes out a sweet brown sausage into her slaves mouth. Because he is unable to eat all, she puts the rest on a plate and uses her fingers to push more scat into her slaves mouth and down his throat. Today the slave is unable to consume all her shit so she teaches him a lesson by ordering him down onto his hands and knees like a human pet. Once in this position, she then starts pushes the remaining pieces of her shit into her slaves own asshole. He will be ordered to eat this later and not to waste any of her valuable deliveries in future! The mistress manages to get her boots slightly soiled during this process so the slave must lick her boots clean before he is allowed any rest.***Special discount***