Cum With Spoon

Mistress Roberta – Strong Shit For Today Breakfast-pov

Today i prepared some special treat for you my toilet slave giving you the magical pee and the sweet strong shit you were waiting every morning so enjoy !

Melissa’s Shitting Sideways!!

Melissa?s back with two new quick clips!! She?s coming at you sideways, but you gonna love it!!! Enjoy as she comes into the bathroom to wash her hands. Suddenly she gets the urge to use the toilet. Enjoy as she pees then proceeds to drop a load in the first clip. In the second enjoy another good side angle as she pulls down her tight jeans and pees and takes another dizzump! Peeing, Pooting, and poop all in two great scenes!! Melissa is getting back in the mix with the quickness!!

Flower Shit Games 2

Look at the second part of this horny caviar session in the flower field. Dildo games and caviar kisses.

Ruby The Supershitgirl

This is part one of RUBY.The full RUBY story will be available in the CGP Clipstore!! Watch this fantastic shitting Punkgirl!!