Cumfarts Of Joy

Cute, Casual Toilet Poo (+ Wiping And Flushing!)

I pull down my jeans to ready myself for a quick and fun little poo! I’m being cute and casual, having fun telling you how stinky it is and showing you lots of angles on me on the toilet You can really hear it splashing into the water while I’m sitting and pooing! I show you through the back some of it dropping ;D I eventually finish and wipe and flush away all the mess!

Barstool And Dirty Whore Of Shit

I like the bar stool and today I use it for my dirty show. Thus we start:I’m sitting naked on a bar chair and push …. first sprayed strong stream of piss, uff, really a lot of piss, sprayed on all parties!!!Yes, and finally has coming shit…One, two, three dose shit is falling down…I get up and licking piss off the chair, drinking piss creates my excitement.Adds the smell of shit and excitement is on top, I have to chew and swallow shit, fast, right now!!!I take a dildo and fuck my pussy orgasm need necessarily.Whole body covered by a dirty shit.Dildo alternate my mouth and my horny pussy..Fast breathing, orgasm is at hand…….Have a nice day

Shit On My Tits

Here you can see how beautiful I shit and then smear it on my hot tit. Is a great feeling to have it on my breasts.