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Francesca’s Morning Routine!!

Francesca like most of us is an early riser!! This working mom Gets it in in the morning time. Enjoy as she takes us through a usual morning – FUNKY style!! She begins by bringing in the camera as she rushes to push out a gassy dump. She needed to concentrate, so she puts the camera down and lets us worship as she strains out even more from the floor. After all that FUNKY shit, now it’s time to get nice and clean!! Enjoy as we then follow her to the bathroom to shower. She gets deep in every crack and crevice!! Enjoy a morning shit and Shower again with Francesca!!

Smothering By My Shit – Hd Version

Nice evening time for use toilet slave in his direct duties. He licked my ass with pleasure while I’m endure, not to give a shit in his throat. I smothered him by my huge ass. He gasped and moaned with happiness. He stuck out his tongue so much that I could feel it in my ass. For him it was a sweet moment of pleasure. I could no longer hold back my toilet urgency and do relief on the slave’s face. I shoved it in his mouth all the shit that came out from me. Look at my submissive bitch. His appointment to serve a toilet for me.

Piss Party With Juliana, Anita & Rosella

After Piss orgy, my friend Juliana came with a friend in the sauna shower. The wanted also piss and so I pissed him in his mouth while Anita Juliana has pissed on her tits. Then the guy pissed me in my mouth and Juliana on her tits. Have gargled with the stinking piss before I swallowed it with relish. And all public …