Cute Girl Shitting On The Toliet

Inhale The Pee Odor

I need to pee urgently and fill up this bottle nicely. My slave is already waiting wearing mask and tube so I can just attach the bottle of my piss. He has to smell my piss and inhale the piss odor. Today my pee smells very intense. I’ll let him inhale for a long time and the other slave will have to drink every single drop of my piss afterwards!

239.a Milaan Peing Alone

I’ve been in Milaan to visit parents and… somes slaves. This is a 6 min video of pee that i do the last morning i been there, I was waiting for a slave not arrived, italian Language, nice to see where i can hist you in Milaan when i will go there. MP4 smart and pc. So sorry if i do not show you my english and swiss slaves i had in Milaan but PRIVACY is my priority.

Outdoor Too Much Pissbeam And Shit Pralines

I go in the forest to a very beautiful place…..then i hope the peoples can my not see when i must piss and shit!! A very thick and big Pissbeam comes on my pussy,ahh…..later,i shitting brown Pralines!! What make you with my when you have see my? hehe