Cute Hubby Babe With Tanned Ass Is Pee

A Shower Of Shit In A Mountain River – Mp4

Melissa today amazes us all, nothing could be more wonderful than her precious ass shit that comes out soft and hot. A shower of shit in a mountain river, admire slaves!!!

Diamond’s Diarrhea Mudslide!!

Diamond Jewel continues with these super erruptions she is becoming famous for!! she loves cream in her coffee ? only problem is she is Lactose Intolerant!! Enjoy as she has another bout of diarrhea and watch as is slides out her ass like a soft serve machine running out of Ice Cream!! Two great clips of messy runs! Did I mention she loves Ice Cream too? Expect more diarrhea destruction like this in the future!!! This woman has serious Mubutt!!

Bonnies Cream And Corn Shits!!!

Bonnie’s been eating a lot of corn lately. If you know anything about corn in your digestive track, then you already know the end result of the ensuing chaos in this clip!! Enjoy two hot scenes as Bonnie causes a commotion trying to expunge this Corn from her body! Plenty of Grunts, Plops and Strains to drive you crazy in this one!! Ad to the fact that Bonnie gets real turned one while taking a dump, to the point where she added a lot of Cream to the Corn!! Another Classic from Bonnie!! Please note all Yezz Clip videos are UNCENSORED!!

Recopilation: Noelia’s Poops

All the poops Noelia has made until now. Every morning, the slave’s breakfast, ruinning the slave’s book, the meal, her thoughts while she’s shitting …