Cute Japanese Vomit

I Pee Myself In My Underwear

Red thong

You’re My Toilet Whore

You’re holed up with me, and you’re right where you belong… under my asshole, as I push and let my shit ooze out my ass and fall into your waiting mouth! I tease you before planting my ass down and feeding you all you deserve to eat… and leave you there to chew, swallow and digest my shit, until I come back tomorrow… It’s really no wonder you’re so famished, considering you’re not good enough for people food. Your only meals are my shit! I fill you up again, and you’re finishing off my loads and eating them! I’m impressed, you’re really proving yourself to be a valuable toilet!

Shit In A Sneaker

I once got my very old sneakers rausgekramt and thought to myself because I can shit really nice. I take my phone put me in front of my balcony door so that maybe one or the other neighbor can see me or secretly watching me squat on the sneakers and just shit off. I hope you like the clip 🙂

Toilet Slave Pukes And Pukes Part 1

This Movie is also an older one, but very nice. The Slave still had his Break in Period as a Toilet and still puked and puked, especially in this Movie. Part 1 is great. English Subtitles