Czech Piss Casting Couch

An Endless Rain Of Diarrhea (full Hd)

Come here, look carefully at my feet, in a moment you will become my slave. Spinner is the toy of the moment, but not everyone is playing like me. Hurry up, I expect you!

Humiliated In The Hut

confined in the hut, I am humiliated by my master. Shitting, pissing, anal fucking with my head in my shit, anal fisting, sucking cock, cum in my mouth… All dirty, my master wash myself with water jet.

Custom Chair Pooping!

One of my fans wants me to make a video of me pooping and peeing in a chair with my legs above my head and lucky for him I hadn’t pooped in two days so it was a big, messy poo with pee that shoots out like a rocket and gets everywhere!

I Piss In My Slave, Then I Shit On Him And Then Packed In Foil Until He Is Unable To Move

My slave comes to me to come to his service. To test it today right times, I have let me come up with something special. Right at the beginning he is pissed and I shit on him. It is then fried the right, to top it off he is still wrapped in foil, nice and tightly, so he must be unable to move and everything else go through.