Daddy Made Me Shit

Mistress Emily – Toilet Slavery

Kiss my ass. Lick it clean. I just want to shit and use my slave instead of my toilet. I’ll give you more shit. Open your mouth, I’ll fill it with shit from my asshole. Look at his face )) mmm, it’s all smeared in my chocolate!

3 Shits Made Me Cum

#1 Long Pushing Hanging Shit Then Cum!!! HardI was super horny and it always feel so good to shit and really grunt and push it out enjoying that sweet feeling of release. I was really pushing and struggling to get all my shit out in this one!! I came so hard at the end and my clit was so sensitive. You really get good long looks at my gaping pussy in this one and a long dangling piece of poo while exiting.#2 Nice Shit Then Made My Pussy CumI was super horny and no better way then to release my bowel and enjoy that sweet feeling of release. I was really grunting and moaning in this one and really vocal too!! I came so hard at the end and my clit was so sensitive. You really get good long looks at my gaping pussy in this one.#3 OMG I’m Going To Shit My PantsI was sitting watching a movie and all the sudden I had the most outrageous urgent NEED to POOP!!!I ran upstairs to the bathroom and on the way there I thought I shit my pants a little and barely made it to the toilet before I exploded!!!! You will have to see the ENORMOUS LOAD I shit out!! I looked down and couldn’t believe it!But It felt so good to release so much shit that I couldn’t help but play with my pussy because it feels so good right after a nice big shit! I make myself cum really hard and it felt so good!!ENJOY EVERYONEYour favorite redhead with the best prolapse

2 Diarrhea Shits On Hidden Cam

I Was On My Period This Week & I Always Seem 2 Get The Runs During That Time Of The Month! Watch From My Bathroom Hidden Cam As I Take 2 Explosive & Projectile Diarrhea Shits From That Week.Poop 1 ? Watch & Listen As The Shit Just Comes Exploding Out Of My Ass! Ahhh, That Feels So Much Better. Poop 2 ? Watch & Listen As Poop Starts To Drip From My Ass & Then All Of A Sudden Launches From My Ass To The Other Side Of The Toilet?.Covering The Rim Of The Toilet All The Way Down The Bowl. Man, My Stomach Doesn?t Feel 2 Good. I Have 2 Sit & Recover For A Min?. Expecting More 2 Shoot Out At Any Second. I Tinkle & Then You Get To See Close-Ups Of The Projectile Diarrhea.What a week! Whew!

Pantie Stuffing Pantie Poop

@ 14 Min ? I Stuff My Pussy Full Of As Many Panties That Will Fit Then Put On My Naughty School Girl Outfit & Show Off My Sexy Pink Booty Panties. I Shake My Ass Until I Can Hold It In No Longer! I Have To Go NOW! Watch As I Take A Big Dump & Tinkle In My Panties While My Pussy Is Crammed Full! I Then Play With Myself & Finger My Asshole Until I Cum?..Pull The Panties Out Of My Pussy & Stuff Them In My Mouth. Mmmm? I Taste So Good