Daddy Toilet Slave Videos

Shit In Vacation P3

The toilet slave must lick the feet of Lady Angie clean before she shits a huge pile of shit in his mouth.

Shitting In Birthing Position After A Shower

I went to a yoga class this morning and got all sweaty and stretched out and relaxed.——————————————I went home and took a long hot shower to further relax and then I figured you might like it if I lay back and pushed out a big warm mushy pile of shit for you onto the floor.——————————–I show a close up replay of it pushing out of me and then move the camera closer so you can look at all the pieces of food!

Melissa’s Brand New Heavy Dumps

Just like the classic R&B group, Melissa is back with a new ?release? of sorts! Enjoy three great clips as Melissa drops anchor to shit with her colleagues at work!! Enjoy as the phattest ass in the game props down to drop a load or three off!! Over 15 minutes of action and that chocolate ass!! Enjoy the noises and sounds from her neighbors in the adjacent stalls as well!! Plenty of Ass, Action, and Arousal in this clip!!

Lady Crocodile – Call Of Nature (pee And Poo) Part 1

It was her first and only scat-session until today. Slave Bodo was used by her pretty good.