Dancefloor Pee

Hershey Rae’s New Splacks!!

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Dirty Feet P1

A dream comes true for this slave. To be the toilet slave of three Scat Ladies. The Scatqueens are here and all three pee to the toilet slaves in his mouth. Miss Flowers sits down almost to his mouth and craps her sausage directly into the slave’s mouth. And now chew and swallow the pile of shit from Miss Flowers. The snot and piss comes as a dessert.

Going Through Scat Slave Training – Part 2

The mistress stands up and crushes some food on the floor, pees on it, and rubs the disgusting mixture on the girl’s face. She stands up and pees some more on the poor girl, who’s still smothered with the food. She fingers the girl’s pussy and anus to bring out bodily fluids. Shit comes out of the girl’s asshole a few moments later.


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