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Professor Makes Good Use Of Three Mind-controlled Schoolgirls! – Part 3

Eventually, the man holds in his hand a cup and then has each of the ladies urinate inside of it! Every time it gets full, he takes a sip or empties it completely! To make things more interesting, he something gulps down urine directly from the pussy! When the women have peed everything, he proceeds to bend them over and get unobstructed easy access to their assholes!

Round Two For New Slave Introduction To Piss And Cleaning

Again, we have another episode featuring our brand new public toilet slave. The slaves will eat or drink whatever is offered to them by their regular visitors. On this occasion we have a out of school student dressed in her fashionable clothes. When looking at her, nobody would ever guess that she was a mistress! She pisses into the slaves mouth and orders him to clean her piss soaked pussy!

Eat My Shit From The Source

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