Daughter Shitting Enema In Tub

Prisoner Peeing

Prisoner Bianka has to pee in her nightware.

Slave On The Floor And Girls Above Shitting Part 6

Girls Uses Man

Diamond And Friends Shitting At Work!!

Diamond and her coworker decided to have a little fun at work. Enjoy as Diamond stands behind her friend on the toilet as she takes a HUGE shit!! She could barely sit down before a four log pileup came rushing out immediately!! This shit was so big and nasty she had to stand up and do a mercy flush before Diamond Passed out!! Even after the mercy flush, Diamonds buddy still had a few more logs to drop! In the second scene, Diamond goes all by herself in the same bathroom from a floor angle. Boy you can hear the explosion from her ass in this one! These two probably put this toilet out of commission for a few hours after these mega shits!!

Taste My Farts

I tease you with my sexy shiny leopard spandex pants, Tell you to keep your face next to my butt crack, farting in your face, making you eat everyone of them. Loud bubbly farts