Degrading Shit Eating

Shit On My Shoes

I’m starting to shit. this I do in my shoes. my shit can be seen close-up. the shoes are full of shit. I am pleased with myself. I trample the shit with my feet. I’m putting on shoes. shit climbs with a shoe. this is a super sensation.I found a lot of loose boots. Now I shit on them. this is a beautiful sight

Mistress Lilly Masturbating And Shitting At Home

Mistress Lilly is busy again. She recorded many movies and she need more slaves !!

Housewife Punishes Husband By Pissing On His Face! – Part 2

After the guy lied down, the lady takes off her lower garments and then positions her ass on top of his face! Without warning, she starts pissing on him! Since the victim is caught off-guard, some of the urine got into his nose, causing him to open his mouth in the effort to desperately grasp for air! This caused him to swallow some of her piss! When she released everything, she leaves him on the floor, wet and smelling foul!