Demi Scott Pee Ping Brother

Mistress Gaia – Cream Of Shit And Spit

The slave is ready to eat my shit. So, after having ordered him to sniff my ass, I start to feed him. He eats everything, and to make more pleasing her meal I make soft the shit that he has in his mouth with my spits, in order to make it a tasty and fragrant cream.

Mistress Margo Offer Her Delicious Royal Kaviar

Mistress Margo strike again ! She made another scat feeding movie ! She use her toilet in her room, facesitting him, trampling him and destroy him. Then she get her shit on a plate and offer him for eating, while he stroke his cock. Another nice good feeding with gloves. Soon… with Mistress Luna using her toilet…..and more with GlamyAnya !!!

Chat With Consequences P1

The new slave is now demoted to toilet slave for the ladies and is in the next room, ready for the piss and shit the Ladies. The Ladies piss him in his mouth and spit in his mouth. Lady Missy gives him a couple of hefty slaps, so he knows that he is a nothing. The girlfriend of Lady Missy is amazed.Attention, Kv is in the second part only.