Desi Indian Cat Shit

Fresh Poop In Public Toilet (full Hd)

Every time I go shopping – I don’t know why – I have to poop. Even today, obviously. But this time I created a real masterpiece, as shape and color, a Shit Masterpiece indeed! Soft but not liquid, of a beautiful wonderful brown. It seemed chocolate although probably tasted more good!

1 Bbw 1 Cup

Sexy ebony BBW uses a cup to fill up with her treats

My New Throne

I wanted to get a new perspective on the chocolate videos, so when I saw this bedside toilet, I couldn’t pass it up!!! This is the first video I shot with it, but believe me, there will be many more to come! It’s great for letting you see angles that you wouldn’t get to see if I was sitting on a conventional toilet. If you like CHOCOLATE, then you will really enjoy this clip … you get the front and rear view of me filling up the bowl and then a close up of the big, hot pile of chocolate and even the wipes after I clean up … speaking of which … I shouldn’t have to use wipes, I should have a nice wet tongue back there to clean me up! Any slave volunteers??? I need someone under the seat for the next time I use the it!