Desiree Mega Pooping

136 Hot Facesitting Shit And Farting

Now lick my ass hole to stimulate my anus. I demanded. He kept fighting me so I pried his mouth open again and put all my weight on his mouth. Do it I said! He hesitantly started slowly licking my ass hole. I could now feel the shit slowly sliding down my rectum.Now wrap your lips around my ass hole I commanded. He did as he was told. I could feel the shit sliding down it was almost ready to come out. I push down a bit to hurry it up but I let out this loud fart. Smell my farts, toilet. I said. It was already pretty stinky. This only made me happier. I knew how disgusting this shit was going to smell. Then the shit started to come out. It slid out of my ass hole and I could feel it going into his mouth. He was gagging but I continued. The first log was pretty small and he finished it pretty quickly. The next log that came out of my ass was a lot bigger and dry. This one he was really going to have to work at. I made sure to let the shit come out slowly. I couldn’t hear him gagging so much anymore. I could smell how horrible my shit was but he kept on it. Log after log.

Shit Reward For Slave

What can be more beautiful and delightful than using a man as a YOUR TOILET! He seems helpless and insignificant creeping before you on all fours and begs to serve for Goddess. In this video, I use the mouth of a slave as a ashtray and for the disposal of spittle. I smoke while he cleans my shoes with his tongue. I laugh and continue to spit in his mug. Then I get closer to the camera and you can see a close-up of my sweet beautiful ass. Usually, before stuffing a slave with my shit, I command him to lick my pussy and my asshole, that I will be emotionally ready and relaxed. With enough good lighting, you can see a close-up – I fill the slave’s mouth with shit and at the same time make him to drink my pee. All this comes out simultaneously and drops drip right down my shit and fall into the throat. In order not to feel discomfort and unpleasant odor, I make the slave to swallow quickly. He realizes that he is JUST a TOILET for me and I will use his mouth later again.

Francesca’s Human Fertilizer Pt. 2!!!

Francesca is back once again with another delicious outdoor adventure!! Enjoy as she ‘waters’ the grass in one clip and then comes back in the second with some of her Juicy Human Fertilzer!! Damn that ass was looking so phat and juicy in this clip!! and boy were some monsters coming out of it!! Francesca once again is back with another great outdoor clip!! Wonder if she plans on growing apples with the ‘apples’ that fell out her ass? lol only time will tell!!