Desperate Pee Outsidem

The Slave Drinks The Bag With Piss And Sperm

The bag is half full of piss. The delicious cocktail is ready to drink. On all fours, the slave of the mistress crawls at her feet, is quite good and obeys like a dog. His sperm jerks the slave according to instructions, in the bag purely. The whole piss with the cum, drinks with reluctance of the slave to the last drop.

Sorority Girls Hold Pissing Party! – Full Movie

The fraternity has a neophyte on board and he needs to be initiated. This means letting the sorority girls loose on him and doing what they want to him, no questions asked. For the girls, this is the perfect time to hold their annual pissing party, in which they line up and pee on the poor fellow’s face. His head and face will be soaked in pee and he has to take it all in or get kicked out of the frat.

Mystress Gaia Your Favorite Dish

Lunch is ready! How hungry do you have today? I hope so, because I am preparing a substantial amount of your favorite dish, my shit! Can not wait, right? Come on then, quick, do not let it cool! 😉