Diaper Cat Shit Poo Poop

Domi And First Timer Scat Girl Lucie

Lucie shits for the first time on slave. She have some problems to let it flow but at the end she press a susage out and order the slave to eat. Also Domi give him her shit and put it down his throat. Domi also vomits in his face and let him eat all the vomit mixed with shit.

2 Angle Shitting Video + Instructions

This was my first – hopefully of many – multiple camera video! I set one up to get my full body and another to get the close up. ——————————————————This way you can see me tense and push and lounge sexily but also watch my cute pretty asshole push the log out like it’s inches from your face! ——————————————————-I get really creamy and turned on pushing out this massive shit and use my fingers to scoop it out. Being so turned on, I naturally start to imagine what someone is going to be doing with my shit – and instruct you on how you should take your first licks of it! ——————————————————-This massive shit is to be enjoyed sensually for an experience you’ll never forget! This video is even better if you have some of my shit and/or cream to enjoy it with but the fantasy is hot enough alone as well

A Living Female Toilet, Swallowing Shit. Close-up

A real toilet slave is obliged to swallow a girl’s shit, as she swallows a delicious nectar! At the moment of swallowing, he has no other thoughts, except that now he performs the most important job of eating shit – a girl should not experience discomfort during the defecation – this is the main thing for the toilet slave!

Breakfast With Shit And Tomatoes

Delicious breakfast with shit and tomatoes.