Diaper My Pooping

Scat Collection In Japan 1-7

Japanese women make poops and fill the body with squirms. It is the best poops movie.※ Noted ; This movie is mosaiced on genital organs of men and women.Because there is a rule that Japanese porn movies are going to mosaic genitalia.

Shit Porridge!

What’s even nastier than getting smeared in your own shit and eating it too? Why, it’s mixing it with your porridge for a power breakfast! After getting an enema and dumping her scat into a bowl, she places the sticky into a plastic for her to snort! She puts some in her choco porridge for a breakfast of champions. Yum!

Scat Cleopatra – Top Model Kassiane Arquetti

In ancient Egypt there was a GODDESS scat called Cleopatra, our GODDESS has a very obedient servant who will be happy to drink the whole drink and eat all of our wonderful kaviar Cleopatra.