Diaper Pee Girl

Pregnant Naked Plops And Piss

You want to be my panty slave and toilet slave, but I ignore your request… your favorite fetish is watching and fucking pregnant girls, I cant stand that.. I don’t see the appeal. So you decide that you would hide the camera in one of my trinkets I keep on the tub. I have no idea that you are watching me as I pull my beige satin panties down, and sit down on the toilet. You are amazed because until now you have never seen my belly outside of my clothes, its so big, round and brown.. my belly button is poking out by now, and you drool at the site of it. You would love to lick my belly button and suck on it. But thats when you notice my big saggy titties, and how big my areola have got. My nipples stick out so far when I play with them, and you catch a glimpse of my rubbing my breast until they are nice and point. My pregnant saggy, droopy breast have you mesmerized, because you realize how soft and agile my boobs must be when Im pregnant . The best part of all this, is you get to listen to me strain and and moan as I push out a few big ones, I piss and poot as well, you wish you could smell my unique essence, but all you watch me naked on the toilet

Shitting On My Toilet Slave While My Girlfriends Watch!

I need to go to my toilet, I squatted on the stool and pushes my shit out straight into my toilet’s mouth. I instructed him to eat it all while my friends watch, laugh and mock my slave I continue to deposit loads of shit into his mouth.

First Timer Ebonys Monster Shit Iphone/ipod

First timer curvy black goddess Ebony takes a monster shit in the toilet boys open waiting mouth. This was a big smelly dump; look forward to seeing more from this first time lady. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, and Iphone/Ipod formats.

Toilet Slave’s Aerobic Lessons Part 3

The Princess Team in a Workout and the Toilet Slave has to go where he is needed. Mainly yo poop into him. Part 3 with Nataly. English Subtitles