Diaper Shit Punishment

Scat Amateur Feeding Beauty Slave Teen Girl Compilation 3 Part 1

Scat Amateur Feeding Beauty Slave teen Girl Compilation 3 Part 1-Beauty Teen swallows A LOT OF REAL big SHITS turds she pukes….special 2x1compilation . warning! very extreme! The best Scat Feeding Girl Video ever!

Mioko(2) Poop In Plaid

A nice poop from direct behind and quarter view! Self-filmed. Multiple angles. Close-up ending.

Mistress Michelle And The Scat Gag P2

The toilet slave must now lie on the ground, so that Mistress Michelle can shit in his mouth. His gag is still in the mouth. The poop is now quite soft, convenient for the slave who can not chew with the gag. So he finds it a little easier to swallow the shit, without chewing, hahaha

Piss Drink 28

Joschi has invited its mate to come in Jona’s slave lot. Unfortunately, the two slave friends have nothing to drink at home. But their mistress Bizarr Lady Jessica is present there, of course this knows remedy for the thirsty mouths. She picks herself up the glasses the two, trips up frivolously with her Heel on the couch and pees glasses brimfully with her piss this one. She then orders her two slaves the glasses now to drink the bet emptily. Of course another gateway still follows and after first glass.