Dick Covered With Pooping

Secretary’s Diarrhea Problem! – Full Movie

She was sitting pretty at the office when her boss calls her up, saying she has to deliver some documents to him, pronto. He is about to hold a meeting in some restaurant and he forgot to bring the documents. She hurriedly gets out of the office and goes on her way, but while she was walking, she starts to feel the beginnings of a diarrhea attack. So while praying that her ass will not burst forth, she runs inside the nearest office building and heads straight to the bathroom. It was a bit too late; her panties is already covered in shit! She hops on the toilet bowl and lets all her shit out!

First Pee Video With Orgasmic End

First pee video with a hot masturbation afterwards that leads to an orgasmic end

Now You Are Officially A Toilet Part 1 Intro

This is our Movie that consumed a Lot of Resources to make it the Way we wanted. And still…2 Guys are looking for work and find Nicole that hires them as permanent Toilets and short Time later, they find themselves tied up under the Toilet in a Club. Here they are with no Option left other then swallow all this Poop coming their Faces WayEnglish Subtitles