Dick Taking A Piss

Piss Party 02

what a party again 6 girls comes to piss in slaves mouth!

Scat Sweetie’s Whoopsie At The Grocery Store!!

We were back at again causing more chaos in public!! Sweetie had to take a dump while we were out shopping for groceries. She went in the store and lets just say she has a little trouble with her aim!! Lol Enjoy as she pees and poops all over the seat and floor while squatting above it. What makes it all the more crazy is there were other people in the bathroom with us this time!!! We got some serious side eyes as they had to see the poop hit the floor. They especially were looking at us funny as we rolled out the stall without cleaning it up too!! Feel sorry for who came in there after us!!

Brown Turd

Yes, I call to the result 🙂 See how to open my anus and brown sausages come out of my ass. And, then, then You can see how much AA has landed on the floor 🙂 Enjoy