Didovic Ana Poop

Toilet Time 40 – 41

Diarrhea splash out of the toilet bowl! How many women can say when they have a shit explosion that the diarrhea splash up against their inner thigh and toilet seat? Well I certainly can! Check picture 4 and 5 to see the proof for yourself. Including some nice pissing as well as wiping action – From Toilet Time 40Standing ovation shit I suppose? See my from behind as I stand over the toilet to take a shit. Also include a nice crisp close-up of my asshole, JUST FOR YOU! You want to lick it for me don’t you? I must warn you, it’s very smelly! After such a big & nasty bowel movement it seems the toilet paper is having a hard time getting my girl asshole clean. If only your tongue was here to lick my ass clean for me… – From Toilet Time 41

Man Intruded In Bathroom, Has To Drink Piss!

It is a normal day for a man who is taking his time soaking himself in the bathtub when two naked women suddenly barged inside! He has no idea who they are and what they came from, but before he could ask questions, they position themselves close to him and one begins peeing into his mouth! He is ordered to open it wide! Whenever he closes it, the other sweetheart would pinch his nose, making him breathe through his mouth! This left him with no choice but to swallow mouthful after mouthful of piss! When she is done, the other woman does the same to him! By the time she is finished, the earlier lady feels the urge to piss again so she does so inside a bowl which she then hands to the victim and makes him drink! Only upon gulping down every drop of it does his suffering come to an end!

Peeing In Her Mouth

Peeing in her mouth (JJ000528)

New Experience In Public Toilet (full Hd)

Dear Shitty Slave, I know you love so much spying in public restrooms, but unfortunately time is you have to settle for just looking at this video. First of all I am sending you a sweet kiss, then you have to be very careful to follow the shit that will be deposited in the toilet. Toilet paper is wasted, but next time will end up in your throat. Goes looking for me, now you know what to expect.