Dig Peeing Panty

Toilet Director

I’m your boss and you are my toilet. Serve me anytime and anywhere and I’ll thank you with my shit. Lick my wet and swollen pussy then smoothly go to my asshole. Shove your tongue deeper in my ass. You feel like something hard about bitter concerns your tongue, slave? Right – this is your afternoon snack. Open wider mouth and eat. Eat stupid beast. Loser….

Toilet Slave Applying

How wonderful to have a permanent toilet slave in the property, ready to eat my shit every time. I’m just using his mouth like a toilet. He clean my shoes and lick my ass. Look at this and enjoy.

Fast Shit – Big Impact!

Without much protest, the mistress shits the slave in his mouth. There is no time for the slave to think. The slave swallows everything at the mistress’s command. From the shoe sole of the slave must lick the remaining shit.

Gina Full Frontal Big Turd…

Sweet Gina produces a MEGA LONG TURD….