Dirty Anal Shit Cat

Shit Barbecue!

I just came back from working out and have to shit but I also want to make a treat for you 😉 Watch as I poop out a nasty one and cover it with some tasty BBQ sauce just for you…so delicious!!!

Fast Shit

shit came out quickly, but you will have me completely in view and then my hole close

Toilet Slave Under The Bed Part 3

Here Diana has has a Toilet Slave hidden under the Bed and pulls him partially out, when his Service is needed. Part 3 is with Diana pooping into him first. English Subtitles

Piss Drink 21

Arabian pissing humiliation! Bizarrlady Jessica has celebrated and drunk the whole night with its Lovern. Many empty bottles are the result these are lying around and therefore drink nothing for their slave Mohamed. The super sadist orders him therefore to pee into the Hundeschüssel and to drink his own piss from the Hundeschüssel. Still Mohamed pees on its order into the bowl and the bizarre Dirty-Queen seasons the full pi bowl for him with hot curry. Under permanent verbal humiliations, insults and orders Mohamed then must actually drink his own piss from the bowl seasoned with curry. Her gold yellow nectar into the bowl to this and when he has drunk everything up slowly bizarre Lady Jessica goes and stands with the legs apart over him and pisses over his head down still. Her piss also then must lick Mohamed from the bowl. And the slave Mohamed joins in everything unconditionally and becomes it still described as an Arabian pig by the fair-haired ruler and insulted too most deeply verbally.