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Francesca’s Back With Her Usual Antics!!!

Just as the Title reads, Francesca Gabriella is back with her usual. For those that know Francesca her usual is quite FUNKY and explosive!!! Her usual includes those dramatic grunts, groaning and straining that matches the explosive farts and loads coming out her ass!! She just had a newborn a few months ago, and it seems like she’s about to have another each time she drops a kid in the pool!! Enjoy three great new Morning clips as she comes in Fully nude and grunts, plops and strains her way through each clip. Francesca makes the best facial expressions and sounds of any of my FUNKY ladies!!

Strapon Fucking And Shitting A Huge Diarheea In Tan Pantyhose

Goddess call one of her slaves and order him to put a mask and get his ass ready for her strapon. After a good pounding in many positions, slave is useless and Godess going to do a HUGE DIARHEEA in her tan pantyhose. Bdsm and shit story sametime at a small price.

Ayanna’s Naked Plops And Sharts

Enjoy As Ayanna gets nice and Buck Nekkid in this new two set clip!! Enjoy as she drops some nice logs in the bowl along with her usual great sharts and grunts and groans. In the 1st clip, she actually has a mesh see-thru shirt on, in the second enjoy as she gets truely butterball to let out even more logs than the prior clip. Another Great set from one of my two most prolific Funky Ladies!!

Redscat Cooking A Shitcake 2

Real amateur Redscat is cooking a shitcake, and have scat and piss fun with some friends.