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A Steaming Cup For Santa

I was shocked to find out Santa enjoyed eating the pile of shit I left him in place of cookies, so he ended up spending the night and the next morning I wanted to give him a little pick me up in a cup! I took a nice hot steaming shit right into his favorite holiday mug!

Princess Mia

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Maria’s Funky Compilation!!

My favorite Dominican is back!! Enjoy this great collection of nearly 25 minutes of Great Peeing, Pooting, and Pooping from Maria!! Enjoy as she grunts, plops and strains her way through Five great clips! I really enjoy watching this college cuties facial expressions as she strains and grunts out some big phat logs and pees!! Enjoy watching her wipe that phat pussy and ass before showing her logs in the bowl in each clip! Great clip for you starter EFRO fans from one of my Original ladies!!