Dirty Feet Poop Girls

Drink And Eat It All!

I want a cup of coffee, and I order my pathetic toilet slave to make me one, and bring a glass for himself. I have a plan for his glass off course, and it is not water. So when he arrives I tell him it is time for him to taste my precious champagne. I fill up a big glass, and make him drink every drop. When he is done, I fill it one more time, again with a clear message to drink everything!But I have more for him, he also need to eat, so I have him lay down on the floor. I make him smell his source of food, and I smother him with my pussy. I make sure his mouth is wide open and push several pieces into his toilet mouth. When I am done, I make it clear that he need to eat it all! He should consider it a privilege eating form my Princess body! When he have consumed all the shit I make him clean my ass, and smell to make sure it is clean!

They Bullied The New Girl! – Full Movie

Poor new girl at this high school campus is bullied by the popular girls! They ganged up on her stuffed food in her mouth until she puked and made her eat her own puke, kicked her to the ground then get her naked, inserted stuff in her ass they were having so much fun and then they made the poor schoolgirl suck the toys with shit on. When they finally had enough of her they left the poor girl in the classroom crying on her own then surprisingly a girl came back for her and started comforting her which turns into kissing…. ummm such a turn on!

Doctor And Nurse Teamed Up To Shit And Fuck The Helpless Nurse

Nurse Riku has caught nurse Mai having an affair with the married doctor so she confronted her, what she didn?t know is this doctor heard what they were arguing about so they teamed up against her. Getting her up on the table to shit for their benefit. Nurse Riku then let out a slimy fart and shit herself in her panties and pantyhose and rub it to nurse Mai’s face while laughing at her. She then rub all the shit all over her face while doctor stuff his cock in her mouth and she started sucking it. Nurse Riku continues to humiliate poor Mai by rubbing more shit on her pretty face, the shit is all over the floor, while doctor busy himself inserting his tiny dick into Mai’s vagina fucking her hard while Nurse Riku shitting on her face again then. The doctor finishes inside her and Riku kissing her poor friend Mai.

Scat Swallow By Giant Girl Nanda Lopez

Synopsis : Nanda Lopez was born to do evil, she loves to humiliate practicing scat domination. So humiliating it enslaves and humiliates her maid Vivi, who is small and fragile. Suffering is brutal and brutal.