Dirty Shity Anal

Atsuya Squeezes Out A Shy One

Atsuya hasn’t been feeling well these days. I see her constantly mucking about in the toilet. But I’m not the one to complain: more for me! And I do love frequent feedings. Today, Atsuya visits me in the afternoon, with her pale face all in a twist. I sense that her innards are tormenting her yet again. Her raw anus is a mix of pink and red from too much wiping. She smells divine; I’ve always loved the smell of sweat and shit mixing and collecting on the anus. Her butthole blossoms wide, revealing the a sickly looking turd, slim and buttery in consistency. The smell is overpowering, but it gives me a warm feeling as her face twists to unload this beautiful gift. Her butthole doesn’t want to pinch off the shy turd, and Atsuya continues pushing until it is all out in one go.

I’m Fat Obedient Dirty Slut

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Human Toilet’s Humble Beginning!

This is slave training and in here, you gotta do anything and everything to survive! In order to make the mondo cash paid by VIP clients, you have to make sure you can eat shit like a pro! So here he is, pushed down on his back with a portable toilet over his head. His mistress sits on it and starts ejecting clumps of poop that will fall straight into his open mouth! Eat it all, she said. After chewing and swallowing shit, he feels her ass on his face as she rubs her asshole clean using his skin!