Dirty Shity Sex

Mutual Love For Shit. Part 4

Seriously. One of my favorite movies. The movie in which I firtly felt incredible desire for eating shit, filling my stomach with is and making really mad sinfull sex with my parthner.I want to share this experience and make you feel what I felt in this moment, incredible atmosphere full of shitty air in the room. Our bodies, smeared again and again with endless loads of saved shit and our own shit among it. Feeling shitty cock inside, in month, on my face… Such moments full of relaxing and feelings that evertyhing is allowed – they are worth living.

Container Filled With Shit

Preparing a nice parcel for someone. I couldn’t help but pee at the same time however they won’t be receiving that as well. Just my huge shit for them to play with later.

New ! Ballbusting Before Toilet Play

Lady Anita wanted to humiliate me today by hitting balls and dicks (ballbusting me). Then she wanted to pee in my mouth in a close up and even pee and shit on video-camera(camera is waterproof). Sorry for the blurry image that came out a little bit but we are beginners into this kind of close up filming and this is the first film when she pees on the camcorder 🙂 The next ones will be better, and that’s why we put the price so small for this movie. Enjoy it.