Dirty Skank Pisses On Couch

Brownie Dinner And Bonus Video

Imagine that you are my slave and I have decided to serve you dinner. You get to see my face as I tell you what I have in store for you, the perfect symbol of my contempt for you, served on a platter. You get to see the smile I will have on my face as I serve your “dinner” and the complete lack of compassion I will have as I watch you eat it. This is a two for one video and so you get to see me serve you another meal. This time it will be smoother and creamier so you will have to get your face completely in the plate and suck it down your own throat. I am wearing my sharpest high heels just in case you need extra encouragement to be MY TOILET!

The Shit Mask P2

Now the slave is lying there and has the first giant pile of shit in his mouth and his slaves face. The toilet slave has to eat everything but it takes too long time the Lady Kimi pee again. Then Lady Domi bends over his slave’s face and craps a nice pile of shit, which bounces on the face and then lands at the side. The pile of shit is then mercilessly stuffed into his mouth, until the slave begins groaning. He is laughed, offended, and the Scatqueens spit into his slaves face.

P – Mw – Drink My Pee – 02 – C – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 6:47. Weronika using a man as a human toilet. She pee to his mouth and make his stomach full.


Oxana is pooping naughty in green flowers pants messy shit!