Dirty Sluts Shitting Out Thick Turds

Mistress Michelle – The Shit Diver P4

Mistress Michelle put the rest of her shit into the mouth of the toilet slave and give him the order to go out of the balcony. He does not have the permission to swallow the shit. He has to let the shit into his mouth till his Scatqueen allow him to swallow. With a diving suit he has to do do something for Mistress Michelle. After that he has to serve again as a human toilet for Scatqueen Mistress Michelle.

Honey Brown’s Undis’poot’ed!!

Honey Brown done done it again!! I swear of all my ladies, she right now might hold the crown for ?One I find it HARDest to keep from wanting to reach in my pants?! I swear everytime she sends me a clip I get excited!! This soon to be 44 year old Fitness Intstructor has a body that just drives me crazy. That firm ass, those nice long legs and those 36D Perfectly set, 110% REAL chest of hers are just immaculate!! Enjoy this three clip set as she shows off in two pre-shower clips and a nice front facing between leg clip in between! Her clips are the definition of All Killer, No filter as she comes in and goes straight to work dropping some massive, bowl staiining logs!! Enjoy watching it just rush out her ass. Some great streaming pee shots as well!! Honey Brown has been the most slept on lady on this site in my opinion, but one year in this MILF has grown more and more confident and sexy! Just enjoy her sexy NY drawl as she describes how it feels rushing out her ass and what she ate. Come see why she is making it real HARD for me ? if you catch my drift!!

Footworship, Scat Eating And Golden Shower!

This mistress loves to dress up and she dresses up especially for this session with her slave. She orders the slave to worship and lick her feet. He loves this as any many would! After this, she whips him to show him who’s his boss and then squats down over his face and has him sniff her farts which he does greedily. Once he has consumed her farts, his next course is a nice drink of her pee which he does through the funnel that is placed into his mouth. Not a drop is spilled. Once he has drank his mistresses pee, its time for scat! She seats herself on her scat chair and pushes out a nice sausage for his consumption. To make sure none of her goodness is wasted, she wears rubber gloves and feeds him peaces of her scat and uses her fingers to push more scat down into his throat!