Dirty Sperm Vomit

My Slave Eats My Puke

My slave has proven once again as no-good. To humiliate him so right now I puke him fully and he is ordered to eat the vomit of the mistress. I miss him slaps in the face, because I is not enough its performance I torment him still while I torture him with his nipples. Towards the end, I puke him still on the tail and he gets on my spit.

Hard Sausage In

Deep insight and a thick hard sausage. Do you enjoy it?

Kv For H. 509 Grams Poop

That had to be quick, come with me so often before 🙂 If et suppressed, then I can no longer keep Thus, legs wide and shit … what I do, as you can see .. and i poop and shit. .. until it became 509 grams including … 🙂 🙂 Close