Dirty Talk Shit Cat Eating

My Best Shits 4

For those who know my “Best Shits” series, you’re in for a treat again. For those who don’t, “My Best Shits” are all my best shitting scenes from my older videos. Let’s face it, many don’t always want to buy a 20 minute video and watch the entire thing from beginning to end.For those people I can say this video is for you as it contains by best shitting scenes, no annoying “talking” or “dialog” Just a video showing one scene after another of me taking a shit in my slave’s mouth and having my unwashed ass licked clean.From the erotic shitting scene in my slave’s mouth using the ever popular “69” position in Broken Toilet 15….To the MASSIVELY thick & long turds I pushed out into my slave’s mouth in Broken Toilet 16…To the HUGE soft & creamy bowel movement I had in my slave’s mouth using my toilet chair in Broken Toilet 17….To the very big & soft shit I took in my slave’s mouth while laying on my back to expose my vagina for your viewing pleasure so you can see how it swell up and get wet soaking right in front of your eyes as my asshole fills his toilet mouth much faster than he can swallow in Broken Toilet 18.Uninterrupted shitting scenes following one another from my best sellers. This fourth edition is a must have for your collector’s edition if you enjoy watching a video containing only shitting scenes 🙂

Alina Pooping In Mouth With Secretions

Alina pooping in mouth with secretions

Mercy Overdue Part 2 Adison

This Movie also known as ‘Under my Butt…’ is one of the highes complimented Videos we have. The Girls went a Bit Overboard using the poor Slave. Part 2 with Adison.English Subtitles

New Slaves First Time With No Way Out Part 1

Here we take full Advantage of 2 Faces sticking out and filled them up with Poop. English Subtitles