Doing It The Public Peeing

The Human Toilet- Part 2.

If you have fantasies about extreme Female Domination, being totally bound and unable to move with your head encased in a toilet with a funnel leading directly into your mouth, and then used as a Human Toilet by a large group of sexy, depraved and perverted Japanese Mistresses, then you should enjoy this clip.Part 2 continues with one sexy mistress after another pissing and shitting into the human toilets mouth, there is a group of 30 perverted Japanese Mistresses sitting on chairs around there toilet slave, doing this, laughing and giggling, totally oblivious to the pathetic toilet slave submerged in there steaming piles of piss and shit !! By time part two is finished, the human toilet is almost drowning in the waste, and to cap everything off, one of the most perverted Japanese Mistresses pukes up over the toilet in all the stinking mess !!Warning !! probably the most extreme and depraved toilet slavery clip ever !!

Shit In The Pot 4

I’m starting to shit. this is done in a baby pot. my shit can be seen close-up. The pot is full of shit. I am pleased with myself.

Ass Exploded!

there goes Eish breakfast.