Dolly Buster Piss

Mistress Gaia – Shit Branding

This young slave is giving me a lot of satisfaction … in no time is becoming such a good toilet!! In addition, his stupid complaints are so funny! Therefore, I decided to reward him, branding his chest with the initials of the Mistress, written directly with my exquisite shit!

Shitty Ass In Oil

A lot of shit from Mistress Nikole into the slave’s mouth. It’s a treat out of my ass. Keep your mouth open and do not close it until I finish shitting.

‘hd’ ‘you Spy On Your Friend Peeing But You Were Not Prepared For This’

I locked myself out again. I always screw up with my key, it’s so bad. I need to piss like a racehorse, so I really want to get in and go to the toilet. They keys that I got don’t seem to fit. I try them while holding my crotch, but in the end I really think that I am already leaking so I go to the bushes and unleash my piss power onto some weeds. It cuts into the ground like a precision laser. What a huge relief.

Piss Drink 25

Pissing mouth Ulf is let by his mistress Bizarr Lady Jessica from the cage to take its midday snack: The piss of the divine empress from the Hundesch├╝ssel drunk. It must drink the piss of the bizarre Queen except for the last drop from the Hundesch├╝ssel at the leash held.