Domina Trix Human Toilet Man

Flooded After Leg Squeeze

Angelica calls at a slave to use him as a step. Then she starts teasing him with he legs. She wraps her legs around his neck and crushes his head. His neck is pressed up against her crotch in her inescapable scissor holds. Finally she takes her panties off and starts to pee on her slave. So his face is flooded with her warm golden nectar. Length 10:00 – (HD 1280×720)

Dirty Alina Pooping In Panties

Dirty Alina Pooping in Panties

097.3.2 Big Scat And Eat It

097.3.2 Best of this video, a great shit, very long, directly in the mouth of the slave. And he have to eat!!!

Miss Cheyenne Shits On You, Toilet Slave, Pov Clip (wmv)

FETISH: HUMILIATION, PISS, SCAT, SPIT, POV & MUCH MOREMiss Cheyenne wants you to serve her as shoecleaner, nylon sniffer, shiteater and asscleaner. Open your mouth wide for a big load of scat. This great POV clips puts you in the role of a human toilet. Classic Shit clip of Miss Cheyenne.