Domination Piss Ladies

Mistress Gaia – Your Life Is Under My Ass

Slave, are you ready to eat? I know you cannot renounce my shit and that your life is under my ass. Just to begin, you must sniff my panties just removed: uhmm … they are still wet and so fragrant! And now look how much shit all for yourself, but then you have to clean up my ass with your tongue, you know!

Mistress Roberta – Big Breakfast On Potty Chair-pov

This morning i have only the half leather black top on and the panties wich i remove very fast i took close my potty chair and pee first but after poop an considerately amount of diarrhea and wait some more to squeeze all good out of my ass because i want to feed you with as much shit i can get so first i give you my ass hole shaking it lick i would wipe my ass of your tongue and after i show you the breakfast i did for you, enjoy!

Chat With Consequences P2

Lady Missy has shit now. The slave opens his mouth, Lady Missy crouches over his mouth and presses the big turd from her butt. The poop plops right into his mouth. All ladies are curious if he swallows everything. Mistress Michelle pisses the other slaves in his mouth.

Princess Nikki Pantyhose Shitting

Princess Nikki shits in her sexy white pantyhose and the slave have to eat all her shit from the pantyhose!