Dominican Poo

Humiliation Joi Smear

You’re such a piece of shit. I’d rather play with my own poo than touch your dick. And, at least my poo is bigger too. You know what else? It’s even more pathetic that you’re watching me…because you can’t even get a girlfriend. Just do as I say and stroke your dick the way I tell you to. It might be the only time a hot girl will ever talk to you. Now be a good poo boy.

Mistress Roberta – Shit In Pee Soup For Breakfast Pov

Today your breakfast is very delicious but mixed in the toilet first you will see the pee soup your shit is sink and you will have to fish it out with your tongue so enjoy this breakfast slave .

Spezial Food For You

nikki prepares a special food for you loser. She spit chewed food back on a plate and piss on it. Enjoy your meal loser.