Done Annl Wall Shiting

Mistress Roberta And Mistress Victoria Foot Worshipping

Mistress Roberta and Mistress Victoria make more videos in a threesome ! Today another 2 double domination and a diarrhea movie !!! Today they use the toilet boy for a nice session of foot domination, beating, foot worshipping and at the end, Mistress Victoria offer her diarrhea right from her asshole. She was dressed in a seethrough material and her perfect tits were visible for slave…She order him to chew and swallow her diarrhea, because Mistress Roberta will follow her in a minute. Again a nice diarrhea meal for the toilet slave. The slave was allowed to smear her shitty diarrhea all over his body and stroke his cock. In the next episode they will put the slave to paint the nails of Mistress Victoria, then Mistress Roberta will fill the toilet mouth with a enormous stinky diarrhea

Toilet Time 21

Time for some very nasty smelling diarrhea. Those thin runny shits I’m so popular for that some of you love so much. See this very nasty bowel movement running out of me as I have the shits

Here Comes The Sausage For Frank

Before breakfast, I need space in my gut! I’ve been wearing this for two days now! Now I’ll release YOU! Look what I’m going to bring to the world … and you can give her a new home, Frank!