Dont Pee On Pad

Chastised And Shit In The Mouth

Contessa Calucci wants to punish one of her favorite slaves. The sow has always proven that he can handle a lot.In my shower room he gets once properly spanked the butt with the rod. A nice sight for the mistress, as the pig squirms and squeals with every stroke with the tail.This promotes the digestion of the mistress. Luckily the slave is there as a toilet. Contessa’s pissing quickly followed by a large portion of shit pours into the mouth of the slave. What he can not swallow is distributed on his body. A nice skin cream! 🙂 By this sight Contessa enjoys a cigarette. The slave pig serves as her ashtray.Since she was so far satisfied with the performance of her subjects, he comes to the honor that she gives him relief with the Magic Wand and allowed to squirt the sow. However, the Contessa does not miss the opportunity to stretch his urethra. What luck the slave must have.

Godess Shitting Into A Bowl

Another kinky shitting action from Godess when she was alone at home. She prepare a nice meal for her toilets and for her fans also.

Althea’s Worship Worthy Grunts, Plops & Strains

Althea is fast becoming a new favorite of mine. She’s enthusiastic and really knows how to put on a show on that bowl!! Enjoy as she drops some heavy sounding Logs right in your face. Then Enjoy as she Struggles to get the rest out. Boy the facial expressions she makes are so damn sexy!! Later on she really gets loose and decides to start playing with those nice 38 D’s of hers and those nipples!! This is a new queen to worship on her throne!!